{July 7, 2010}   akademy, day ??

whee, akademy has been fun :) I’m too tired to hack or talk any more, so here I am blogging.

The boat to akademy was fun, if a little crowded – the cheap rooms are really sized for one, and there were four of us. We spent most of our time up in the rest of the boat, eating and drinking and seeing the scenery and the entertainment. :) We arrived in helsinki friday morning, and were in tampere by the afternoon.

I’m staying in the TOAS hostel, and it’s quite a nice hostel :) clean and bright and spacious, and we have three of the four floors to ourselves. :) Of course we haven’t spent much time there – soon after arriving we went to Demola to register, and akademy has been busy as usual ever since. :) It was great to meet old and new faces there… Then on our way to dinner, a group of us got distracted by some locals with a slackline. :) We had lots of fun trying to balance on that, sitting around in the park chatting… and later when we came back, a different akademy group had run into them too :) I’m sure there are photos up on flickr by now; I’m too darn tired to look for htem.

Saturday the talks began; there was lots of good stuff as usual. There were a fair number of nokia/meego people around, too, and I think good things will come of that. :) I was really surprised at the number of kde-meego presentations; I knew people were intersted, but didn’t realise quite how many. :)

Saturday night was the traditional akademy party, which I think was sponsored by meego this year. The drinks were watery, but there were lots of them (and lots of glasses of water), and dancing, and lots of fun was had. :)

Sunday I was still alive enough to make it to the talks; there was a really good one by some of the women in KDE. They mentioned Impostor Syndrome, and reminded the other women that they can do a lot more than they think they can. :) I think that applies to more than just the women in KDE; while it’s much more common among us, a lot of KDE guys seem insecure too. All the people doing awesome stuff are still just people, and they get insecure too, and you’ve got to put those feelings aside and just do stuff anyways because often the only thing holding you back is yourself. :)

We had another good keynote from aaron on sunday, too; he talked about all the opportunities in front of us, and what we need to do to grab them and not let them pass us by. Again, we’re often insecure, and unaware of the great things we’ve already done. There are millions of KDE desktops in countries like brazil. We’ve done awesome stuff and we should keep doing awesome stuff and not forget it, and not think we suck just because we can’t make something 100% perfect (*nobody* can!). :)

On monday we had the annual e.V AGM. We finished in record time: just over three hours! :) I think this is the first time it was done before lunch. :) After lunch, I rounded up the plasma & kwin guys for a meeting (omg, I can hold meetings! ;) – it went quite well, I think we got through almost all the discussions we needed to have right there, and some guys split off for a meeting with kde-edu that seemed to go very well too. :) :) so now I mostly just need to hack and listen to bofs.

Speaking of hacking, I have been getting a little done here and there. rc2 should have proper migration support and a couple of other little fixes. However, I haven’t had time to look at the multiscreen regressions :( and I haven’t seen anyone else committing, so I’m not sure what state that will be in. I’m hoping that the commits that were done a while ago were done just *after* rc1 and fixed things; I just haven’t had time to test so I really have no clue. :)
[update: I just tested it with per-desktop views, and that creates views perfectly :D looks like things *will* be working better in rc2.]

…it’s actually wednesday morning now; I was too tired to finish writing hte post. :) I think I’ll stop here, and talk about the bof days later.

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