{July 8, 2010}   akademy bof days

so monday evening was typical akademy chaos. :) A few of us wanted to go to an indian restaurant for dinner… somehow our group of 8 (a reasonable number for not overwhelming a restaurant) was soon 11, and then 13 or 15… then there was some confusion and it was only 5. We did find the place, but it was closed :P so we ended up in an odd “mexican” place instead. decent food, big portions, but… thousand island dressing is not really a suitable replacement for cheese. o.0
After dinner and drinks there was going to be karaoke.. but the place that supposedly had karaoke every night was also closed. :P Directions from locals led us to other closed bars, but eventually we ran into a KDE crowd again. :) So the night didn’t go as planned at all, but it was still fun. :)

Tuesday, the bofs began. I was at the odfkit bof, where jos showed off our shiny things (which I’ll be showing again at thursday’s owncloud bof). I was too hot and tired to eat lunch on tuesday, so I just had a nap, but later I wandered through a few bofs and ended up in an impromptu owncloud one. Dinner was a success that night (the wok place on the akademy map is good!) and then we got to watch the netherlands win that strange game everyone’s so excited about. ;)

Wednesday morning was the plasma bof. There was a bit of confusion there, with one person missing and another having to go to a meeting, but me and ryan dragged people up there and made them talk. ;) So, all’s well that ends well. After that I went back to hacking and other little errands… but I find myself too tired to tackle any complicated issues. blah. …so I had dinner and played some rockband and went for a walk. Akademy is fun, but exhausting. :)

Now it’s thursday morning, and in a few minutes I’ll be talking about how odfkit & webodf can be useful to owncloud, so I guess I should get off the internet. :)

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