{September 12, 2010}   why aren’t you using rsibreak?

Summer is ending here, and the weather has driven me back indoors. :( This is good news for KDE, though, as I’ve been hacking instead of going to the beach.

Last weekend, after spending some time upgrading mum’s website, I decided it was time to get rid of some of the “papercuts” that have been irritating me. I have a long list of small things in KDE that get on my nerves, and I’m hoping to work my way through them over the next few months. :)

First on the list was Rsibreak. It… didn’t actually work. There was just a small bug that kept the timers from working with qt > 4.4, and it must not have many users, because I was the first to report it. I guess that means you’re all doomed to get RSI. :P Anyways, it’s happily working again in trunk. :) I’ve spotted another bug though, and it still looks kinda kde3-ish, so there’s plenty of low-hanging fruit here for anyone who wants to get involved. :)

I also got nepomuk working on my system (turned out I had a broken config). :) Yay! …but then Aaron went and removed the old activity config stuff, so I guess if I want to set icons on my activities I need to implement the new UI. ;) Or wait for him to do it. ;)

During the week, when I wasn’t dealing with all the little chores of moving, I was learning about xpath for work (odfkit, that is). It’s quite the powerful little thing… although for some reason, the “axes” stuff like descendant:: doesn’t work in webkit. o.0 oh well. There turned out to be another easy way of doing that… so now the xml of a flat odf document can be properly converted into the format needed for a zipped odf document. still working on the binary parts though. :)

This weekend – well, this friday actually, because I’ve decided friday is kde day – I started on something I’ve been desperate for all summer: session support for activities. Right now I have it hardcoded to close and restore all okular windows (the first simple app that came to mind) but soon I should have the basics working for activities! :) I’ll blog (and maybe even screencast) about that when I’ve made some more progress.

hober says:

Hey, some of us have been using rsibreak daily for years and we love it. Haven’t had an issue yet on the QT4.6 my debian unstable has, but if rsibreak ever becomes unusable after a sid upgrade the KDE or Debian bug tracker will know about it.

Thanks for fixing the bug!

jrdls says:

Hi. I have been using it too. I do agree that RSIBreak doesn’t look kde4-ish. I think it needs to use the dbus system tray protocol desperately.

Holly says:

I use RSIBreak! Because… I have RSI :( I really like it and it’s really, really helped me a lot. Using it lets me get writing done again :)

Anne Wilson says:

Another happy rsibreak user :-) I set mine to blank the screen for 5 minutes every hour. That’s too long to sit looking at an empty screen, so I have to move around. Since I was told that lack of exercise was probably the cause of my heart attack I consider rsibreak a serious tool in protecting my health :-)

The only thing I’d like to change is the ability to ask it to delay the break by 5 minutes. If I’m in the middle of a conversation on IRC it would be nice to be able to end it civilly instead of just disappearing for 5 minutes.

mikmach says:

Probably not report because it works with Qt > 4.4? At least for me (Qt 4.6.x here).

Naproxeno says:

Hey! I’m also another rsibreak user and… it does work as it should for me (using Kubuntu 10.04). I agree that rsibreak could use a little facelift though. Oh, and when it locks the screen it only obscures my first monitor so multimonitor support could also come handy.

Tina says:

Never knew about it, looks like a niffy little tool
will definitely use it at wokr

Chani says:

o.0 wow, lots of people using it… I wonder why it works for you guys and not for me? when I looked at the code, it clearly should not have been working for anyone, at least not according to the Qt docs.

oh well, nice to hear that it’s working anyways :)

Jeffery MacEachern says:

Attack of the Schrödinbug? :D
I should try it myself; I used to use something of the sort back on GNOME, but I wasn’t aware of a KDE equivalent.

I would love to go back to using RSIbreak, but this issue is one of two or three blockers for me:

I need RSIbreak to tell me when to take a break, not to force me into a break.

Other than that, I love RSIbreak. I’m using Workrave in the meantime, which is pretty god too.

Stimpson J. Cat says:

weee, activities updates coming?
try to do something to make the omnipresent panels just activity related (allowing different panel layouts on each activity will make them more useful)


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