{October 10, 2010}   ovi sprint!

It’s day 2 of the ovi sprint – and I haven’t blogged yet! oops :)
The sprint is going well. I arrived friday afternoon, and only a few other people were at the office; mostly we hacked on our own things, and discussed plans for the weekend. We found a great restaurant that night called Paulaner, and then stumbled back to the hostel to sleeeeeep. ;) Despite not having jetlag (just a 6 hour train ride for me), I was just as exhausted as the others. :)

Saturday we were all assembled at the office. much discussion was had about ovi myths (it’s not just an app store!), what we needed and hoped to do at the sprint, what we needed from ovi and what we could do for them… food was good, research was done, lists were written… and luckily I was *not* one of the ones who got stuck waiting ages for a 2am train. :P

now it’s sunday morning. We’re back at the office, and added to some lists – but the internet’s down, so I can’t really research anything. At least it gives me time to blog ;)

The funny thing about this sprint is, it’s not a code sprint. we’re not here to hack; we’re here to discuss. We’re figuring out how ovi and kde can benefit from working together – and so far it’s going very well :) we have quite a long list of things KDE can do to help ovi, and only three things they need to do to enable us to help them. :) I just realised, though, that the benefits to kde aren’t in our lists, since our focus is on convincing Ovi – kde people already understand the benefits of collaboration. :)

Now we’re going to break out into groups, and add details to our list items :) we need to properly explain how things are useful, why we need them, what sort of API requirements we have, etc…

As for me… I’ve been bouncing around trying to cat-herd and looking into things that might benefit plasma and anything else that looks useful to kde in general – and learning lots. :) I’ve checked out the QtMobility API (sadly it didn’t contain what we were hoping for) and bought myself an ovi publisher account (only 1 euro now, but DO read the fine print, they expect you to provide customer support n’stuff) and got plasma-mobile compiled (with –no-desktop you can run it in a window on your laptop), and I’m asking lots and lots of questions… :)

It seems like most of the benefits to plasma are indirect. if ovi can use the OCS API, it could be added to all ghns clients immediately. To get plasmoids *into* that store, we first need the kdemobile dependencies packaged. Any integration with other services, like pim, would go through either akonadi (if available) or whatever api the pim guys use for their access. :)

So, it seems my goal here is to ensure everyone else achieves *their* goals. :) …which is probably going to mean writing. oy. ;)

But now the internet is back! so I can go bother people online and ask *them* lots of questions ;)

Luis says:

Interesting. Does this mean that in the (still some time away, I know) I will be able to share plasmoids from my desktop with my nokia phone?

Chani says:

I certainly hope so. :)

how easy it’ll be for you to do that depends somewhat on nokia, though. I mean, meego is linux-based so you have the usual freedom to install any package you can get your hands on, but if things could be available more easily it’d be awesome. :)

…and then there’s the *symbian* nokia phones, and I still don’t know how insane it would be to try and package kde apps for those.

Ryan Rix says:

So, everyone who can! Get packaging!! :)

Chani says:

+1 :) Packagers, we need you!

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