{October 16, 2010}   qt devdays 2010

whew! normally I blog during a conference, but DevDays was just too exhausting. :) (well, that and there wasn’t much net access..)

So, along with the Ovi sprint, Nokia was nice enough to give us free passes to dev days. :) The first day was the training. I’d picked the QML option (aka Qt Quick, or QDeclarative, or various other names…), and so had about half the attendees. I’m glad I did; it was a really good way to get started with qml, and I’ll need it for plasma – now even more than I had expected. ;)

That evening there were drinks and snacks and socializing – unfortunately we had to leave mid-party for the long trek back to the hostel. :/ The taxi in the morning had not been cheap, so we were taking transit. After some wandering around looking for buses, we ended up walking to the train station, and from there it took around an hour to reach the hostel. ick. And we had to do the same long journey in the morning.

Luckily, Aron and Knut were nice enough to sponsor taxis for us the second night, so we could properly enjoy the troll dinner. :) Despite not winning an n8, I had a lot of fun, and a lot of interesting conversations there. Oh yes, and before dinner there were talks too. ;) Actually, I didn’t get to see many talks that day, because I had both of my qt exams to do – the c++ and the ‘advanced UI’ ones. We won’t know the results for a while, but I did get a t-shirt for having passed the essentials exam last year. I just wish they had girls’ sizes, because that t-shirt (like every single other t-shirt I got at devdays) is more likely to be used as a nightgown. :P

On day 3, I got to see more of the talks. I can’t remember what was when, but there was plenty of interesting stuff… unfortunately I was so tired I dozed off in one. oops. :) And there were booths to visit too – wow, qt and meego have quite the ecosystem already – and networking networking networking. ;) By the time the conference was over we were all exhausted… we tried to meet up at a restaurant, but after several rounds of confusion, half of us ended up at one and half of us ended up somewhere else (and, btw, the restaurant we were at on saturday is *not* called paulaner. the real name was in fine print above that, but I’ve forgotten it). Plans to go out and party were abandoned, as we all just wanted to go to bed. :)

In the end, the main impression devdays gave me was its sheer *size*. Apparently there were almost a thousand people registered. I’m not sure how many were around at any one time, but tuesday’s dinner was *huge*. Think Hogwarts dining hall. ;) A lot of people are interested in qt, and meego, and qml – and they should be. There’s some pretty cool stuff on the horizon…

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