{October 18, 2010}   more conferences

so devdays is over – but already I’m preparing to travel again.

Next week – oh wait, it’s already next week – Wednesday is the opensuse conference, where me and wstephenson will be doing a workshop on plasmoids. I’m gonna show off notmart’s shiny new qml bindings there, so you don’t want to miss that. :)

In November is the meego conference, in dublin. That should be quite interesting, after seeing all the activity at devdays. And, right after the conference ends, a group of us are heading to berlin (oh wait I live there ;) for a kde-mobile sprint. :) It’ll be nice to have the comfort of my own bed at a kde sprint.

Thankfully that’s all I have planned for this year. :) I’m going to be quite busy enough as it is. :P

Jaroslav Reznik says:

I miss OpenSUSE conference, as MeeGo is going to be quite expensive. Wish I could attend both…

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