{December 16, 2010}   quick poll

if you’ve got a spare minute, glance at your taskbar, and tell me:
-which applications do you have open?
-how many windows for each?
-how many of those windows have some sort of tabs inside them?

what I’ve got right now:
-4 konsole windows, 2 of which are on all activities, 3 of them tabbed
-1 kate window, with lots of documents open, that counts as tabbed
-3 konq windows, one of which has tabs
(this is just for one of my activities, though)

edit: okay okay, enough! ;) I’ll try and make some sense of this data tomorrow :)

David says:

– Akregator
– Dolphin (split view)
– Firefox, 2 Windows with 3 and 5 tabs
– Kile with 7 .tex files open
– kmail
– 2 konsole windows one tab each

all on my work activity

KDE SC 4.6-b2. No activities.
– 1 Amarok.
– 1 Chromium (18 tabs).
– 1 Kontact.
– 5 Okular.

Beat Wolf says:

2 chrome, each with 3-5 tabs
1 dolphin
kopete main window
kopete chatwindow

Andrea says:

VD1: akregator,dolphin (2 tabs),kile (4 tabs),konsole,firefox (4tabs),okular
VD2: konsole (5 tabs),dolphin (2 tabs),kate

Jonathan Thomas says:

No activities, but I’m using virtual desktops.

VD1: A Chromium window (3 tabs atm as I’ve just begun the day), Konversation. KMail is on this VD, though it’s currently sitting in its tray icon.

VD2: A Kate window with about a dozen files open for programmering.

I have a four-tabbed Konsole window on all desktops.

frogmaster says:

1 chrome with 12 tabs
1 yakuake with 5 tabs
1 quassel
1 kontact
1 amarok
1 kopete
1 dolphin
1 skype

Med says:

konsole, 4 tabs
kontact (kmail+akregator mainly)

This is fewer than usual because i am on my laptop. On my desktop I frequently have a konsole with 10+ tabs, 5-15 okular sessions, 1-5 konqueror sessions (with 1-10 tabs in each), 1-2 firefox sessions (for the all too numerous sites that konqui does not like)

bjoern says:

– akregator; 2 tabs
– 2 konsole; 2 tabs each
– emacs; 10 Buffers
– konqueror; 3 tabs
– anki

Emil Sedgh says:

A kopete chat window

3 of them have tabs.
I also have yakuake, which isnt really in taskbar. And it has tabs too.

Emil Sedgh says:

Oh, and Konqueror.

LuHe says:

1x Qt Designer
1x Dolphin – 2 Tabs
1x eric4 – 13 Tabs ;)
1x Google Chrome – 7 Tabs
1x Kopete Chat Window
1x Skype Chat Window
1x wxmaxima

markser says:

– akregator
– amarok
– chrome (20+ tabs)
– opera (2 tabs)
– korganizer reminder
– 2x okular
– 2 activities, 1 one which is empty because associations of windows to activities don’t seem to survive a restart in 4.5.4
– in icon bar: kopete, skype, basket, korganizer-reminder-thing

Well, I have only one app per virtual desktop, mostly, so here it’s just Akregator and konqueror with the poll. On the other desktops, there’s vmplayer, konsole, qtcreator, kmail and korganizer. In vmplayer there’s xephyr, konsole and qtcreator.

akreal says:

2 monitors with opera (~10 tabs) & konsole (~10 tabs) maximized, kmail + amarok + kopete + skype in the tray

David Edmundson says:

Okular – 1
Firefox – 1
Kopete – 2
Kmail – 1 (minimised)

joerg says:

Akregator, 1 window, with tabs

Choqok, 1 window, with tabs

Dolphin, 2 windows, 1 with tabs

Firefox, 3 windows, all with tabs

Kate, 1 window, with tabs

Kile, 1 window, with tabs

Konqueror, 1 window, no tabs

Konsole, 2 windows, all with tabs

Korganizer, 1 window, no tabs

Okular, 2 windows, no tabs

OpenOffice, 1 window, no tabs

Pidgin, 3 windows, 1 with tabs

Thunderbird, 1 window, with tabs

Virtualbox, 3 windows, no tabs

All on 9 virtual desktops

Will start exploring activities in more detail with 4.6, in 4.5 I only use 2 – one for my applications, one for plasmoids… don’t like my desktop cluttered and do like my applications maximized, so no use for plasmoids on my work desktop (besides panel, taskbar).

Hilefoks says:

KDE trunk, No activities, no VD.

1 Amarok (systray)
1 Akregator (with 7 open tabs, systray)
1 Kopete (systray)
2 Kopete (chatwindow)
1 KMail(systray)
1 KMix (systray)
1 Konversation (12 tabs, systray)
1 Dolphin
1 KDevelop
1 Konqueror (23 tabs)
1 Okular
1 Yakuake (4 tabs)

bash says:

amarok (systray)
choqok (systray)
kmail (systray)
akregator (systray)
kmix (systray)
kopete (systray)
rekonq with 6 tabs

Olav P. says:

1 Swordfish Translation Editor
1 Opera (5 open tabs)
1 Choqok (4 “built-in” open tabs)
1 Kontact
1 Skype
1 OpenOffice Writer

Irina says:

On desktop 1:

3 Konqueror, one with 3 tabs
2 Konsole, one with 2 tabs (the other would have 7 tabs if it wasn’t ssh irssi)
1 Choqok with 2 intrinsic tabs, each with 4 sub-tabs
1 Akregator

On desktop 2:

1 Konqueror with 3 tabs
1 Kate with 4 open files

On desktop 3:

2 Krita

On desktop 4:

1 Korganizer

Kelytha says:

KDE 4.5.3, no activities, 2 screens, 4 virtual desktops

1 Kontact
2 Kopete (put together with window tabbing)
2 Konsole (put together with window tabbing)
1 Krusader
1 Konversation
1 jEdit with 4 buffers
1 Chrome with 5 tabs, window tabbed with it’s inspector

Fubbel says:

6 virtual desktops, taskbar shows only the apps for the current VD):

### VD1 (“instant communication”):
* quassel (open + systray)
* kopete (open + systray)
* skype (open + systray)

### VD2 (“mail and company web pages”):
* Chromium (3 Tabs)
* Kmail

### VD3 (“private web pages”):
* Chromium (several tabs)

### VD4 (“working area one”):
* okular

### VD5 (“working area two”):
* oowriter

### VD6 (“working area three”):
* nothing (most often konsole with one or two tabs)

Regarding activities: I still haven’t found a single, well written and graphical pimped document which explains me what activities are, in which situations they are helpful, how they can be conigured, and how they are actually used in the daily workflow.

Would be interested, though…

nib952051 says:

firefox > 10 tabs
psi 3 tabs() and roster in tray
skype 1 conference, roster in tray
konsole 5 tabs
emacs 10 files opened

Squirrel says:

KDE 4.5.4, no activities, 1 screen (24″ 1920×1200), 4 virtual Desktops

1 Akregator (systray)
1 KMail (systray)
1 Kopete (main window on the right side)
1 Kjots
1 Firefox (10 Tabs)
1 Eclipse (8 Tabs)
1 Dolphin (split view)
1 Yakuake (2 Tabs, one Tab with 3 split views)
1 qemu window

All on one virtual desktop

Luciano says:

1 firefox (9 tabs)
1 konsole (7 tabs)
1 kmail
1 amarok

nick says:

1 konsole (3 tabs)
1 firefor (2 tabs)
1 amarok

1x dolphin (split pane)
2x Firefox windows (one with twenty plus tabs)
1x Gwenview
1x Kwrite
1x Ocular
1x Thunderbird

bdgraue says:

1 Dolphin (split view)
1 Firefox with 18 Tabs
1 Kontact
1 Skype

systray: kontact, skype, kfilebox, choqok, kopete, quassel

Melody says:

1 Dolphin (split)
1 Okular
1 Kate (2 documents)
1 Kontact
1 Quassel
1 KGet
1 Amarok
1 Chromium (7 tabs)
1 SMPlayer

Siv says:

First desktop: Chrome, 10 tabs open.
Second desktop: Eclipse, with 3 tabs open.
Third desktop: Konsole, 6 tabs, Dolphin, 2 tabs.
Fourth desktop: 2 Okular instances.
Systray: Kopete, Amarok, Tomboy.

All in “university” activity.

314r says:

1 Akregator
1 Qt Assistant
1 Qt Designer
1 Basket Note Pads
1 Choqok
1 Dolphin
1 Kate
1 Konsole
1 Rekonq
1 luckyBackup
1 Ktorrent

yagami says:

kde daily trunk :

4 activities , 4 vd’s each , using PVD !!!:

network activity :

– 1 VD with konqueror
– 1 VD with firefox
– 1 VD with ktorrent

message activity :
– 1 VD with kopete and facebook konqueror
– 1 VD with choqok
– 1 VD with kmail

multimedia activity :
– 1 VD with amarok
– 1 VD with tvtime ( sometimes , currently watching tv but its a quick fire and forget kind of thing ).

actually right now nothing has tabs.
my taskbar only shows current screen and activity apps , so usually only has one or two entries.

also , my taskbar is on the dashboard … i really rarelly use it

illissius says:

at work:

skype, 4 windows
konversation, 4 tabs (incl. server)
krusader (2 panes, 1 tab each)
kdevelop, 3 working sets with 9, 9, and 6 tabs
opera, 1 window, 21 tabs
amarok, 0 windows (hidden to systray)

at home stats to follow once i get home.

illissius says:

I don’t use virtual desktops but at work I do have 2 screens (one has skype+konvi, the other has the rest).

GJDitchfield says:

3 apps, 1 window each
– rekonq, 1 tab
– Konsole, 1 tab
– Kontact, 9 tabs if you count each sub-app as a tab.

jonsi says:

1 firefox, 7 tabs
1 kopete
1 museeq, various tabs in the interface
1 amarok, I grouped the playlist and context interface so tabs here too :)

Quintesse says:

– Konsole (3 tabs)
– Kopete
– Chrome (12 tabs)
– Netbeans

Martin says:

1 akregator
2 dolphin, 1 with split view
1 firefox, with tabs
2 konsole
5 okular
1 kile, with too many tabs (I would open multiple kile windows but this doesn’t seem to be possible)
1 kjots

No activities, 6 virtual desktops, taskbar shows windows from all desktops with no grouping and sorted by desktop, all windows maximised.

mikmach says:

KDE 4.5-trunk

No activities, 4 desktops, one app per desktop

1. Konsole with many tabs, Okular
2. Konqueror with many tabs
3. KMail

B says:

2 Dia
1 Eclipse (lots of tabs)
1 Firefox with 11 tabs
1 Chrome, 1 tab
1 Kate, with only 1 document open
1 Konsole with 12 tabs
1 Skype

Francesco R. says:

KDE 4.5.4, no activities, 2 screen (24″ 1920×1080), 2 virtual Desktops
-1 Firefox many tabs open using tree style tab
-1 konsole window, 5 tabs, one per remote machine, + screen
-1 kate window, with lots of documents open (can become 2, for me it count as activity)
-1 chromium windows few tabs often only one
-2 okulur reading pdf, may become 5 under pressure or 0 most of the time
-1 dolphin, most often not used at all
-1 kmail
-1 akregator

1x QtCreator with more than 20 open docs
1x Chromium with 4 tabs
1x Konversation with 2 tabs
1x Kdesvn
1x Konsole with 6 tabs
1x Choqok (it has 4 tabs by deisgn)
1x KMail with 1 tab
1x Kopete conversation window with 4 tabs
1x Kopete contact list window
1x Skype contact list window
3x Skype conversation windows

Victor Nike says:

Konsole – 10 tabs
Kopete – 2 windows (1 main + 1 chats tabs)

PMC says:

Nine Virtual Desktops (VD), and dual screen (S).

VD1, S1:

Firefox, 1 window, 4 tabs
Kontact, 1 window
VirtualBox control panel, 1 window

VD1, S2:

Ksysguard 1 window

VD2, S1:

VirtualBox VM (Ubuntu 10.10), 1 window

VD2, S2:

VirtualBox VM (FreeBSD 8.1), 1 window

VD3, S1:

Netbeans, 1 window, 4 tabs

VD3, S2:

Konsole, 1 window, 1 tab
Firefox, 1 window, 2 tabs

VD4, S1:

KDevelop, 1 window, 6 tabs

VD4, S2:

Konsole, 1 window, 2 tab
Kcachegrind, 1 window

VD5, S1:

Nagios, 2 windows

VD5, S2:

Nagios, 2 windows

sabutilnik says:

rekonq 4 tabs
konsole 6 tabs
3 libreoffice spreadsheets
dolphin, 4 tabs and 1 konsole
1 VirtualBox
Kopete 10+ tabs

PMC says:

Forgot to mention that the above list does not include the apps (e.g. communication, music player) living in the system tray, with not windows currently open

Ronan says:

vd1: Empathy, Terminal (4 tabs)
vd2: Emacs (split in 2 documents)
vd3: Claws
vd4: Chromium (9 tabs)
vd5: Nautilus

(I have no task bar. Everything except Nautilus and Empathy is maximized).

OK, here goes:
Chrome x2
Konsole x 3 or 4

parena says:

– 1 konsole with 7 tabs I use for work
– Chrome with 2 tabs
– Kopete window with 5 chats at the same time open (jabber, google talk, skype)
– krusader with just the 2 panes, no extra tabs
– kontact

shaga says:


– eclipse
– firefox with 21 tabs (both work and private)
– konsole with 3 tabs (usually much more)
– kontact (kmail, akregator)

all maximized, on one VD.

systray: kopete, skype, amarok, update applet plus the usual kde suspects

Nassos Kourentas says:

Virtual Desktop 1:
– Konsole window x 2
– Dolphin window x 2

Virtual Desktop 2:
– Kopete Window
– Kontact Window

Virtual Desktop 3:
– Firefox Window (12 tabs)
– Chrome Window (16 tabs)

Virtual Desktop 4:
(It’s for work-related issue) currently empty

Virtual Desktop 5:
– Konsole Window (2 tabs) x 2,
– Kate window (4 documents)

Virtual Desktop 6:
(It’s for testing purposes) currently empty

I currently have a single Activity (since I am still expecting the final release of KDE 4.6 for it to be more mature as a feature)

Btw, when are we expected to have the option of easily (via GUI that is) deleting a certain activity (not simply disabling, but plainly deleting it)?

erik says:

– okular (1 pdf)
– opera (dozends of tabs)
– akregator
– kate (around 20 documents)
– amarok
– dolphin (2 folders open in tabs)

Yuriy says:

All Desktops:
1x KMail
1x SpeedCrunch
1x Pidgin buddy list
1x Konsole, 6 tabs

1x Dolphin, 3 tabs + embedded konsole
1x Gwenview
1x Konqeuror, 2 tabs
1x Konsole, 3 tabs
1x KRuler
1x KWrite

1x Dolphin
1x Konqueror, 4 tabs
1x Konsole

4x Dolphin, each tabbed
1x Kate with many documents
1x KDevelop with many documents
3x Konqueror, each tabbed
4x Konsole, each tabbed
2x KWrite
1x OO.o Writer
1x Pidgin chat
1x Qt Creator with many documents

1x Akregator
3x Dolphin, each tabbed
1x Firefox, 7 tabs
1x Konqueror, 2 tabs
1x Konversation

Not using Activities.

NamShub says:

Amarok (N/A)
Choqok (3 tabs / accounts)
Dolphin 1 (2 tabs)
Dolphin 2 (1 tab)
Filezilla (N/A)
Kate 1 (~20 documents)
Kate 2 (~25 documents)
Konsole (10 tabs)
Konversation (8 channels)
Kopete (6 conversatins)
Kopete 2 (Main window)
Firefox (~25 tabs)
OpenOffice Spread (1 window)

Thijs says:

4 Matlab windows
1 Konsole with 4 tabs
2 Kopete windows
3 Rekonq windows (I use Kwin’s grouping there, no tabs in rekonq)
Kontact (akregator) with currently 5 tabs open

Brian says:

Google Chrome
Konsole (running vim)

slangkamp says:


burned says:

– Dolphin
– Firefox
– Kmail
– Konsole
– 2 Kopete (Chat + Contact List)
– Openoffice
– 2 Okular
– Sonata

Jan says:

On desktop #1:
– Konqueror, 2 windows, one of them with several tabs.
– Psi (Jabber/XMPP client), 1 window.
– Choqok, 1 window.
– Qt Creator, 1 window with a project with 5 files open, so 5 “tabs”.

On desktop #2:
– Psi, 6 windows.
– Amule, 1 window.
– Konsole, 1 window.

Running, but just visible on the systray right now:
– Konversation, 6 tabs.
– Amarok.

And always running, but hidden, Yakuake, with just one tab at this time.

I’m curious, what’s the poll for? Usecases for activities?

Bugsbane says:

Konversation (4 tabs)
Rekonq (3 tabs – I usually have about 30 :)

Orv says:

Firefox 4.0 beta 7, currently with 8 app tabs open
GroupWise Day Calendar (Linux client)
Konversation with five IRC channels open, two on Freenode, three on OFTC)
Kopete (for in-house messaging using Groupwise Messenger)
GroupWise Email Client
Gkrellm (2 windows, one local and one monitoring a remote box)
Thunderbird, polling my home server for personal mail
Novell Client for Linux
This is on a Novell SLES box.

Yohan Pereira says:

i dont see this going anywhere but ..
-akregator 2 tabs
-firefox 3 tabs
-konsole (yakuake 3 tabs)
-netbeans 8 tabs
-kopete (chat + contact list)

JS says:

Kontact (single window)
Konqueror – 2 windows, a lot of tabs in each
Dolphin – 1 window, 2 tabs
Skype – 9 windows
Eclipse – 1 window
Qt Creator -1 window
Yakuake (not reall a window) – 5 tabs
Krdc – 1 window, 3 tabs

Mark says:

I have 2 konqueror windows, 1 Kontact window, and 1 NCID window (that network caller ID really needs to be a plasma app, but I don’t know how to write one.

Stefan Buller says:

Desktop 1
virt-manager + 3 VM windows,
chrome(8 tabs)
Akregator(2 tabs)
konsole(I’m closing it now…)
minefield(firefox – 14 tabs)

Desktop 2
Kate(4 documents)
Loopy (from sgt-puzzles)
chrome(15 tabs)

Desktop 3

Desktop 4
dolphin(2 panes)

Mehrdad says:

Konsole (4tabs)
Firefox (too many tabs)
Konversation (11 channels/tabs)
KDevelop (with multiple projects and tabs)
Qt Assistant (4tabs)

systray: Opera, MDic, Amarok, Choqok, KMail, Kopete

BajK says:

(in order of appearance on my taskbar):
Chromium (14 Tabs (kde bug tracker, some blogs))
KMail inbox
Quassel IRC
Authorization window from KMail (it kind of sucks with Akonadi at the nmoment)
Dolphin window
Another Dolphin window
KSnapshow I forgot to close

Govi says:

Kontact, (usually with tabs in akregator)
Chrome (tabs)
Konqueror (with tabs)
Kopete main window + one window with chats in tabs

illissius says:

and at home:

kdevelop – two working sets, 5 and 6 tabs
opera – 7 windows with 34, 27, 71, 31, 28, 34, and 4 tabs
konversation – 22 tabs
amarok – hidden
kmess – hidden

I don’t use either virtual desktops or activities (yet, anyways).

Neiko says:

– Opera, KVIrc, Dolphin
– One
– All of them :-)

Tsiapaliokas Giorgos says:

most of the time i have open,

-chromium,lots of tabs
-yakuake,at least 3 tabs
-kdevelop,at least 2 files
-qt-assistant,5 or more tabs
-quassel,systam tray with 13 channels

damipereira says:

– Akregator, no tabs
– Konsole, no tabs
– Chromium, 3 tabs

damipereira says:

And no activities or virual desktops

Mike says:

On my home desktop I currently have
yakuake (2 tabs)
firefox (6 tabs)
Kontact / Akregator (2 tabs)

I just checked my work pc, where I got on
both desktops yakuake with 10 tabs,
and on desktop 1
kate (2 tabs)
5x konqueror with various tabs
1x dolphin with 2 tabs
firefox with 3 tabs

while on desktop 2 (of 2)
kile (6 tabs)
3x dolphin with 1,2 and 4 tabs, and a lot of split views
7x okular

Alexander Neundorf says:

* 3 tabbed (maybe 10 each) firefox
* 2 tabbed (maybe 5 each) konquerors
* a whole bunch of tabbed (around 4 each) konsoles
* 1 kdevelop (tabs disabled, too many files)
* 4 kate (tabs disabled, too many files)
* 2 kwrite
* 1 OOo
* 1 kmail
* a few efte’s


Hi there Chani!
One each for:
Firefox (42 tabs)
Thunderbird (1 tab)
Dolphin (four tabs)

Jonathan Verner says:

akregator (5 tabs)
google chrome browser (3 tabs)
konqueror (2 tabs)

Wolfgang says:

1 x Konqueror, tabs
1 x Kate, no tabs
1 x konsole, tabs
1 x kopete
All in 1 activity

When I was trying out KDE 4.6 beta in which activities were much more useable, I used them a lot. Here in KDE 4.5 I do not use them because opening an app puts it to all activities which is not how it works.

Cheers, Wolfgang

uniq says:

Musik Player
Thunderbird (only one tab, I don’t use them)
NetBeans (7 open files)
Opera (8 tabs open)

jtscs says:

After a day’s work, spread over 6 desktops in a dual screen configuration (laptop + desktop screen).

5 konsoles with tabs
6 firefox with tabs
1 amarok
1 eclipse
1 kontact
1 okular

One of the konsoles is in all desktops. At most I have about 6 taskbar buttons per desktop, with no grouping.

FiNeX says:

6 virtual desktop (call it VD1, VD2, VD3, VD4, VD5, VD6) and two activities (one with notes and one empty)

Left monitor:
– Firefox (> 15 tabs)
– Chromium (3 tabs)
Right monitor:
– Konsole (2 tabs)

Left monitor:
– Kate (9 files)
– Firefox (3 tabs)
Right monitor:
– Konsole (3 tabs)
– Konqueror (splitted and with 2 tabs for some FTP sessions)
– Kwrite

Left monitor:
– rekonq (> 10 tabs)
Right monitor:

Left monitor:
– Kmail
Right monitor:
– Kopete main window
– Two kopete chat windows

Left monitor:
– Virtualbox guest OS
– Firefox (4 tabs)
– Kate (3 files)
Right monitor
– Virtualbox GUI
– Konsole (1 tab)

Left monitor:
– Amarok
– Firefox (6 tabs)
Right monitor:
– Akgregator

Bye :-)

Znurre says:

7 Dolphin windows, 1 tab in each
2 Kwrite windows
1 Firefox window
4 Konsole windows, 1 tab in each
1 QtCreator window
1 Kopete chat window, 1 tab
1 Konquerir window, 1 tab

Fri13 says:

KDE SC 4.5.4

Dolphin x2
Chromium (5 tabs)
GIMP (2 app window + 4 photo window)
Kopete main window
Kopete Chat window with 2 tabs

Henry Miller says:

Konqueror, 8 tabs
Konsole – 1 tabs
kopete, and 1 separate chat window

Amarok is in the taskbar, but not otherwise being used.

Anil says:

Chrom 13 tabs
KDevelop 2 tabs

Tom Vollerthun says:

– Eclipse
– 2*Firefox (1 and 6 Tabs)
– KMail
– 4*Konsole (one with three Tabs)
– Pidgin
– Amarok

freinhard says:

dekstop 1
– 1x amarok
– 1x chromium
– 1x kate
– 1x kontact (using everything besides journal and popupnotes)
– 3x okular

– 1x kopete+chatwindow
– 1x kcalc
– 1x gimp
– 1x kmymoney

can’t see: yakuake with 4 commandlines

Tor says:

– 18 desktops
– Logged in as 4 users in order to be able to keep e.g. some instances of firefox separate
– Between 1 and ~15 windows open in each desktop, nominally 6-10 in each
– browsers have 1-6 tabs each
– three instances of firefox (browser)
– one of chromium (browser)
– one of arora (browser)
– a bunch of konquerors (browser)
– innumerous xterms
– one Akregator
– one ksirc
– many xemacs (local and remote)
– two vncviewer (vnc4viewer)
– one vncserver
– one thunderbird
The main problem is that I run into the x11 window limit.

Rezza says:

Rekonq – 11 tabs
Kate – two documents
Konsole – 3 tabs
Kopete – 3 windows in task bar

Tom says:

Chromium – 10 tabs
Pidgin (Kopete has a few bugs atm)
Konsole – to many to count (at least 20).

Arek says:

Konqueror (still my favourite file manager)
Konsole (2 Tabs, but not using it atm)
2x Opera (13 / 4 Tabs)
Also Running with no windows atm: kmail, workrave, amarok, kopete, yakuake)

TheBlackCat says:

Firefox: 1 window, 8 tabs
Yakuake: 1 window, 1 tab
Kate: 1 window, a few dozen documents (like tabs)
Okular: 1 window, I wish it had tabs, if it did I would have at least 4 of them right now
Konsole: 1 window, 3 tabs
Dolphin: 1 window, 3 tabs for folders, plus tabs for dockable panels

kmail: 0 windows, has tabs available, but none currently
amarok: 0 windows, has tabs for dockable panels (I tab the collections and context view)
kalarm: 0 windows, no tabs
kget: 0 windows, no tabs

Lucy says:

WMP: 1 window
IE: 1 window, 6 tabs
Audacity: 1 window
Outlook: 1 window
iTunes: 1 window
Excel: 1 window

6 windows:

chrome (many tabs, 50+)
thunderbird (5 tabs)
terminator (no tabs, 6 split terminals though)
gedit (15 tabs)
empathy (3 tabs)
gvim I forgot to close (two tabs)

McGuire says:

No activities
4 virtual desktops with 2 screens
one taskbar at the bottom of each screen
each taskbar is configured to display only application on the same desktop and the same screen

desktop 1:
firefox with 15 tabs
thunderbird with 3 tabs (inbox, agenda, tasks)

desktop 2:
eclipse : main window on first screen and toolboxes on second one, 5 files open

desktop 3:
openoffice : 2 windows (for 2 documents)
dolphin in splitted view

desktop 4:
dolphin in splited view
kate with 2 documents

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