{September 28, 2011}   Will Hack For Food

Update: I’ve accepted a job now. :) I suppose I ought to blog about it…

So I’m graduating in December. Are you hiring for January?

I assume if you’re reading my blog, you know that I’ve got plenty of experience hacking on KDE things. I care about my code, I get things done, and I <3 standards. :) Most of my experience is with C++ and Qt of course, but I learn fast; having an interesting project is more important to me than which tools to use. I’ve been dabbling in node.js and jquery this year, actually. That said, it would still be awesome to find a job where I can contribute to KDE.

I’d strongly prefer to stay in Vancouver, but Europe could be an option too (I’ve already got an EU passport). So if you’ve got an opportunity for me, check out my resume and send me an email!

{September 3, 2011}   oh yeah… linuxcon…

Riight, so I was at LinuxCon, uhm, two weeks ago. :) Two conferences in a row was a bit much, so I’ve been trying to enjoy my vacation since then (mostly).

It was a great conference, though. :) At first I was feeling a bit out of place – the conference shirts didn’t come in ladies’ sizes (boooo!!) and it seemed to be lots of server stuff and kernel hackers, not desktop or UI stuff. But I met some friends, saw contour/plasma-active/whatever being demoed at the LFNW booth, made some new friends, and pretty soon it felt like a regular conference. :) I don’t feel like talking much about the talks (I’d have to look at my notes for that, and besides, Dafydd’s notes are far more detailed) but the intro to kernel hacking was great – I learned a lot from it, and felt a wave of nostalgia when the guy talked about compiling your own kernel. ;)

The party on wednesday was particularly awesome – lots of people dressed up for the 20’s theme, and there was much dancing. Thursday I managed to get to four different parties – three of which were officially part of the conference. :) I remember having some interesting conversations… but I never heard what happened to that little multicolour lamp in the end. :P

I didn’t get a WebOS touchpad, unfortunately – I was hearing about them selling out during the conference (and my sympathies to the HP guy who heard the announcement right *after* his big talk) – but I was in the right place at the right time friday afternoon, when they gave away some nicely framed linux posters. :) So now I need to actually get tools to mount stuff on walls, because “got linux?” is still hiding in a corner.

At first it seemed like all the job offers would be for kernel hackers too, but after checking the job-wall and talking to people I found several hiring – even some local companies. yay! :) So, I’ve been polishing up my resume the last two weeks too.

Now somehow my vacation time has slipped away – I’m not even sure where it went. Doh. We’ve only had the one month of proper summer here (which I missed a third of for the desktop summit), and already the leaves are starting to fall, and a little chill is in the air… and, school starts in a few days. My last semester. Wow.
Time flies…

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