{September 28, 2011}   Will Hack For Food

Update: I’ve accepted a job now. :) I suppose I ought to blog about it…

So I’m graduating in December. Are you hiring for January?

I assume if you’re reading my blog, you know that I’ve got plenty of experience hacking on KDE things. I care about my code, I get things done, and I <3 standards. :) Most of my experience is with C++ and Qt of course, but I learn fast; having an interesting project is more important to me than which tools to use. I’ve been dabbling in node.js and jquery this year, actually. That said, it would still be awesome to find a job where I can contribute to KDE.

I’d strongly prefer to stay in Vancouver, but Europe could be an option too (I’ve already got an EU passport). So if you’ve got an opportunity for me, check out my resume and send me an email!

Naproxeno says:

Unfortunately, I can’t offer you a job but I wish the best luck in finding one. Congratulations on graduating! :)

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