{January 6, 2012}   Weddings and Work

I’m blogging from Utrecht today – for my first week of work. :) So far it’s pretty awesome; I wish I was here for more than just one week. [Edit: in case it’s not clear, I’m going back home at the end of the week, NOT immigrating to the netherlands. ] The guyspeople at the office are great, and I get to work on a cool project: making them an IDE (in qt, of course) for their web framework. :)

In an indirect way, I have KDE to thank for this job, actually. I met my boss at blauzahl and mek’s wedding. :) And the wedding was great, too. Lots of chaos, naturally, but somehow everything fell into place in the end. I still want the recipe for that pumpkin curry. ;) There are photos online, but I’m too lazy to link to them right now.

And now it seems like everyone’s getting married – friends, co-workers, even me. :) I’m engaged to pete now :) :) although we’ve not made any plans yet.

Lots has happened in the last few months. I’ve graduated too, of course. Over christmas I did a bit of work on ContextJournal, too; hopefully I’ll add some timetracking features to it soon (oh look, uncommitted code.. it seems I started already), but at the moment I’ve barely got time for anything but work. :) I have a language-related web project I ought to upload somewhere, too. maybe I’ll blog about that later – but not on planetkde, I suppose. If you want to hear more about what I’m up to, you’ll have to subscribe to my blog separately.

My congratulations with your new job too. Living close to Utrecht, I wonder at which company you work? And what do you think about the Netherlands? Assuming you got here before New Year, do you like ‘oliebollen’?

Chani says:

Eljakim. it’s small. :) I didn’t get here until tuesday… there are things I like about the netherlands (and most of europe) – like the cheese, and yogurt, and sensibly designed houses. :) on the other hand, it seems impossible to get good avocados, and this chip-card thing is horrid (we have a couple of years still before they force them on us in vancouver)

Gianvacca says:

Chip cards are so much better; what do you dislike about them?

Chani says:

I mean the train card.

Naproxeno says:


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