{December 14, 2012}   Qt Job available

A new year, and a new job for me again! :) I’m switching to something in my own timezone, so someone needs to take over my current job in january. If you’re a qt developer who’s not too far from Utrecht, it could be you. :)

I’ve been writing an IDE of sorts for a little web company called Eljakim. They have a framework for making their web apps, and my job is to make it easier for them to make those apps (eg. by taking away the writing-xml-by-hand part). the IDE is in Qt, but the framework is in php, so knowing a bit of php is a bonus.

It’s a really nice company, very relaxed and flexible about work hours. When I visited their office, I wished I could stay longer – but since almost all of them work in the office, the whole online communication thing was a bit new to them. So, this job would be better for someone who can either visit Utrecht regularly, or live there. (I was actually considering moving when I took the job, but, I can’t bear to leave Vancouver again.)

If this sounds interesting, contact me (or them) for more information. :)

As for my new job… I’ve officially sold out. ;) Some friends from SFU started a little iOS app company a few years ago, and I’m going to join them and learn about the world of objective C. it’s a shame about the proprietary-ness and such, but it seems like it’ll be a fun job with good people, and that counts for a lot. I made sure the contract didn’t forbid me from contributing to FOSS, but I think I’m just going to focus on being awesome at my job, and enjoying offline hobbies.

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markg85 says:

Hi Chani,

More info would be awesome :) (Will send you a mail after this reply).

So you’re diving into the apple world! That’s quite a move from fully open source to nearly completely closed source. Will you stay active in the open KDE world as well?
I wish you all the best in your new job adventure!


unix0 says:

Congratulations! It would be interesting to see a first hand objective C vs Qt development comparison after you’ve spent some time at your new job.

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