{April 28, 2013}   Linuxfest Northwest 2013

So I’m at Linuxfest Northwest this weekend. It’s been great so far, despite a soggy start.  Sitting in the border line in the rain for an hour proved that our motorcycle gear isn’t quite as waterproof as we thought.  :-P

Anyways, we still arrived in time for the lightning talks, and those were really good. I learnt a new xor trick, and there’s something to do with circuits and html5 that I didn’t quite understand but hope to learn more about.

Here’s a random photo from one lightning talk I liked:


The swag here has been cool too; I have a nice USB key / bottle opener from openshift, and I think I got signed up for some free web app thing I need to check out. I got new light-up bsd horns too (but I have my own EL wire version at home I ought to fix up).

The conference party was good, although dinner made us a bit late. Totally worth it, though – I never thought pork chops could be that delicious.  :-) I just wish I’d spent some time looking at exhibits or trying the various board games instead of getting sucked into cards against humanity for so long  ;-)

Now it’s Sunday, and there are lots of talks I’d like to be in at the same time. I saw the delegation one before lunch, which was quite good, but mostly reminded me that I knew all this stuff because KDE was doing it right (or trying hard at it) with the code of conduct and having junior-jobs and such.

Next up is a Javascript talk, which I’m hoping will be good and not just a list of words to google.

PS: the save button in the WordPress app actually means “publish”. Oops :-)

{April 8, 2013}   Blogging Block

So… I was planning on blogging about my new job. That was 3 months ago. How the fuck did april sneak up so fast?

Every time I think about blogging, my mind blanks out or I overthink it, so I’m just going to start writing now and hopefully it won’t be too incoherent. :)

It’s been an interesting three months. I’ve been sick twice (or maybe three times), sprained my ribs, and I’m sure plenty of other things happened that I’ve completely forgotten about. Work has been good. I was expecting it to be nice to be around humans again, but wasn’t expecting just how much better it was. I was actually sad to go home the first few fridays. :) My co-workers are generally awesome people, and the company is small enough that there’s no real hierarchy, just smart geeks making awesome software… :)

The initial enthusiasm has worn off, of course, but I still get the occasional reminder of how lucky I am. Like when our boss was interviewed by a Vancouver Sun reporter, who was amazed that we never worked more than 40 hours a week and our boss didn’t call us at home. Yeah, the tech sector in vancouver has a bit of a bad reputation.

A funny thing, though: I spent the first month or so of my iOS job working on android. :) We did that little Map of the Internet thing you may have heard about. That was fun. I learnt to loathe eclipse, though, and was surprised at the android bugs I had to fight with – some in obscure classes, some not so obscure. Oh, and there are 2500 different bloody devices out there, so no matter how many you test on, there’s always another one out there with weird bugs. :P I did love the android documentation, though. They did a really good job of explaining how to do things the Android Way.

Since then I’ve been working on internal code, which is all objective C. I’ve mostly got the hang of the language (thank god everything uses ARC now) but I still don’t quite grok Cocoa. And of course it’s irritating that when I’m confused by something I can’t just go RTFS and find out what the hell the developers were doing. XCode is far less irritating than Eclipse (with the possible exception of interface builder), but it’s also far less helpful; objC is just C enough for you to shoot yourself in the foot, and just dynamic enough for you to have no idea which foot you’ve shot. :)

I think it’s time for bed now. maybe I’ll post another random blog post another day… if I remember… :)

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