{April 28, 2013}   Linuxfest Northwest 2013

So I’m at Linuxfest Northwest this weekend. It’s been great so far, despite a soggy start.  Sitting in the border line in the rain for an hour proved that our motorcycle gear isn’t quite as waterproof as we thought.  :-P

Anyways, we still arrived in time for the lightning talks, and those were really good. I learnt a new xor trick, and there’s something to do with circuits and html5 that I didn’t quite understand but hope to learn more about.

Here’s a random photo from one lightning talk I liked:


The swag here has been cool too; I have a nice USB key / bottle opener from openshift, and I think I got signed up for some free web app thing I need to check out. I got new light-up bsd horns too (but I have my own EL wire version at home I ought to fix up).

The conference party was good, although dinner made us a bit late. Totally worth it, though – I never thought pork chops could be that delicious.  :-) I just wish I’d spent some time looking at exhibits or trying the various board games instead of getting sucked into cards against humanity for so long  ;-)

Now it’s Sunday, and there are lots of talks I’d like to be in at the same time. I saw the delegation one before lunch, which was quite good, but mostly reminded me that I knew all this stuff because KDE was doing it right (or trying hard at it) with the code of conduct and having junior-jobs and such.

Next up is a Javascript talk, which I’m hoping will be good and not just a list of words to google.

PS: the save button in the WordPress app actually means “publish”. Oops :-)

No, it wasn’t just a list of words from google; it was a list of words from TodoMVC. :P

Chani says:

To me it seemed more like a “how to do research” talk. which isn’t a bad thing, but wasn’t what I expected.

After that I skipped the last talk and went home, since I was falling asleep anyways.

Did u meet Linux Action Show guys? ථඡ

Chani says:

Briefly, yes. :)

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