{August 24, 2008}   n810 n’stuff

we went out for a walk today, and I brought my n810 along. the screen does fairly well in sunlight; i was reading quite easily as i walked along. the pdf software is a bit odd, though; zoom options are limited, the most comfortable size it offers is slightly too wide for non-fullscreen, and fullscreen mode has invisible buttons for changing pages that i kept bumping accidentally.

eventually I remembered that I’d installed camera software, so i tried that out. it’s really meant to be a webcam, not a camera; easy to take a photo of myself, really hard to get anything else. ironically, skype for the n810 doesn’t support video.
anyways, maybe later i’ll figure out how to upload those photos. can’t wait to have a linux computer again so i can get the maemo dev stuff set up.

as for the xo, it’s behaving very strangely. seems to get confused when it tries to hibernate, either the keyboard or the screen or both die. with the n810 doing well outside and having a similar resolution, i’m kinda wondering if i want to keep fighting with that damn thing.

i’m actually writing this on the n810. went out shopping halfway through this post, and now we’re in a pub with free wifi :)

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