I wish I’d thought to take before/after pictures of the floor I helped clean on saturday night. what a mess – and there’s always someone who has to bring a feather boa and leave feathers everywhere. :P

Actually, this time there was everything from leaves and branches to an inflatable carrot. o.0 What a party… :)

It was the Work Less Party’s Spring Carnival. There were three floors, over 600 people, and no shortage of alcohol. :) I arrived at 7:30 to organize the body art competition, knowing only that I had to ensure people got on stage in the right order. The next 2-3 hours were spent running around madly – taking down names, finding out what I *actually* needed to do, collecting music, answering questions… :) it was great fun, but very chaotic. One of the artists hadn’t been told that they needed to have their music ready on a cd, so I ran out to her friend in the lineup and saved his spot so he could grab music from his car. Nearly half the artists showed up at the last minute, just to make everything even more chaotic. :P Delays were expected. Judging had to be done (somehow I ended up being one of the judges as well as organizer). Eventually we got everyone lined up backstage – and then some musicians showed up with their instruments, and we had to get them past the models without the paint getting smeared. And so on, and on…

I was quite relieved when the last one came offstage and I could finally go get a drink. :) But then of course there was the scoring to do. And the winners to be announced. That was the one part of the night that didn’t go so well – who was doing the announcement when kept getting changed, and finally at 1am I put my foot down and made the announcement (having already lost the 2nd place winner, and barely persuading 3rd place to stick around). Oh well.. something to improve on next time. :) From what I heard, this was still the most organized body art competition they’d had by far.

I really liked organizing that – it was fun, and lots of people seemed happy I was doing it (although a few seemed to think I’d organized the whole party, lol). I do wish I’d been able to watch all the performances, though – not only was the body art fucking amazing, but the performances I saw were really good too. When some photos turn up, I’ll link to them. :)

Sadly that party had to end at 2am (stupid vancouver liquor laws) but cleanup went on until 5am – there was alcohol and feathers and garbage *everywhere*. the floor was so dark, and covered in sticky footprints, it was hard to believe it was white again by the end. And then most of the volunteers stuck around for breakfast – so it was just after 7am when I got home finally. And all that after a birthday party saturday afternoon, actually. It’s wednesday now and I’m still not fully recovered ;) but it was really fun. The same feeling of chaos and energy that I get from going to conferences, actually. :)

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