{August 29, 2006}   kde stickers

well, I looked around, and found a few options…
there are various places where I can get stickers in bulk, from about 100-1000, $150-$200, depending on various factors.
cafepress seems to offer single stickers for $2.50 plus shipping n’stuff, so I could do that – although they only accept nontransparent jpg or png, so I’ll have to download the logo and edit it to please them. or maybe copy the logo off their site – there are people selling kde tshirts, buttons, etc. already, just no darn stickers. maybe I could persuade one of them to add stickers to their store and save me the effort. or maybe I could set up my own store – does anyone else want kde stickers?

{August 29, 2006}   hi, planetkde!

now that I have a real blog (my lj does not count) I figured it’d be a good idea to get on planetkde. now maybe there’ll be more than one person actually reading this blog :)
quick intro: I just finished my SoC project, oscar filetransfers for kopete. of course it’s far from perfect, so I’ll keep working on it, and there are about a million other things I wanted to do to make kde better, so hopefully I’ll get a few of them done someday… :) I suppose I should add an ‘about me’ page to this blog, actually. I’ll go do that now.

{August 29, 2006}   barcamp (saturday)

ok, I’ve finally recovered from the weekend sleep-deprivation. unfortunately it kinda killed my memory, so this isn’t going to be much of post.
I woke up saturday morning after only a few hours of sleep, and had a lovely breakfast – not only was there croissants and fresh fruit and bagels and muffins, but someone had bought nutella. I love nutella. :) and there was red bull in the fridge, which helped me survive the day – I was one of the few people there that cannot stand the taste of coffee.

around 10am or something, the schedule was organised and people started giving talks. I was bouncing around trying to be in every room at once, and it seems I just ended up managing to miss or forget everything. there were all sorts of interesting things, from drupal to advertising to yoga. unfortunately the yoga was at the same time as about 3 other things I wanted to hear about, so I completely missed out on it.

hopefully some of the knowledge was soaked up by my subconscious and will show up again at some point, because I know I heard lots of things, and I just can’t remember them right now.

still, it was great fun :) and I have a t-shirt, and lots of bits of paper. and some new friends :)

{August 26, 2006}   I want stickers.

at the vanlug bbq last weekend, I picked up a few ubuntu stickers along with a spare copy of kubuntu. there weren’t any kubuntu stickers, so I figured I’d get a sticker of the kde logo and put that over it.

guess what: there’s no such thing.
if you hunt around for a while you can find a black&white sticker that has the letters KDE (booooring), a sticker of konqui the kde dragon (cute but obscure, and apparently the shipping to canada is about 12 euros), and a KDE-logo pin (I can’t stick a pin through my laptop!).

I don’t understand why I can’t get cool shiny stickers of the KDE logo. perhaps this is another example of marketing just kinda getting forgotten about.

so… I guess I should do something about this. I’m not sure what though. someone mentioned cafepress; I know nothing about them, but I guess if lots of other people wanted stickers too it might be worth looking into. or maybe there’s some local business that can print stickers – obviously they have to be good enough quality to survive the abuse my poor laptop gets, though. :)

when I’m less sleep-deprived I’ll have to look into this.

{August 26, 2006}   barcamp! …and stuff

whee :) I’m at barcamp right now. it’s nearly 3am, so the people that are left are mostly going to sleep. most of the evening was spent just hanging out, meeting people and eating stuff. :) in the morning people will actually be talking about stuff… that’s in 5 or 6 hours. so I guess I should sleep :)

there are some kinda creepy people here though :P I think they’re drunk.
oh, and there are some nice people. one is practically a clone of Ryan Upton – he looks the same, talks the same, is from the same place – they even got married within a couple weeks of each other. o.0 weird but cool. :)

I haven’t felt like blogging much for a while. not sure why. partially because the computer was driving me insane with evilness, refusing to do anything without a struggle. SoC project is finished, but it took me nearly a week to get trunk merged to my branch, and now I’m waiting for my mentor’s permission to merge everything back to trunk. And by “finished”, I mean I accomplished everything I said I would, and it mostly works. there are, of course, bugs to work out and weird unexpected things to deal with. but that’ll probably happen in september.

oh, and earlier today I finally got accepted into SFU, yay! :) finally cleared the bureaucracy. so in a week or two I’m a student again. and in 8 months, I go off to china… scary. but fun. :)

aaand I really should sleep now.

{August 15, 2006}   I want it. now.

The Greenphone.
Countless times I’ve wished I could get access to my phone’s software so I could fix retarded bugs. looks like this phone would actually allow that :) and I’m sure lots of neat hacks will be developed.

Unfortunately, my current phone contract lasts another year. I’ll probably be leaving the country a few months before it ends; not sure what I’ll do about that. maybe bring it with me and see how painful roaming charges are, maybe give it to a friend and let them pay for it, maybe just cancel the thing (if that’s not too expensive)…

{August 10, 2006}   Laptop sync

so, I’ve been using my laptop more. it’s nice. but, the info on it gets out of sync with my desktop. I’m not really sure how to deal with this.
see, I don’t want *everything* sync’d. I have different settings in kde, different kopete accounts, n’stuff. but I want my konq bookmarks at least somewhat synchronised (they need a reorganise, too, I’ve got hundreds of them), and I want my kontact stuff sync’d – calendar, addressbook, rss feeds… read/unread status of feeds if possible, too… oh, and knotes.

svn takes care of project stuff, but pim data like this just ends up a mess. I wonder if there’s any software designed for dealing with this? I know there’s plenty of sync software, but does any of it fit my situation?

[edit] Gof suggests unison. it looks powerful enough to do things intelligently, but since it’s not kde-ified I’ll have to manually choose what files I need sync’d.

ok, so I installed unison and tried it out. it’s a nice little thing, easy to use… but… it just doesn’t get along well with kde apps. they like to write to their files even when nothing’s really going on, and kabc changes large chunks of binary-ish stuff… and unison just kinda gets lost and gives up on even the smallest conflict. I haven’t figured ot how to set a merge proggy for it tto try yet.

{August 10, 2006}   Intel’s opensource graphics

yup, just another post about intel being all nice and friendly and giving us true open source drivers, full drivers, for their cards. :)

I got burnt by nvidia this summer, and ever since then I’ve been looking for a way to get off the binary-driver dependence. but while my desktop comp was being useless and screwed-up in terms of 3d, I started playing games on my laptop instead… yes, the itty bitty laptop that I bought for homework, and never expected any gaming ability from. guess what: it’s doing just peachy. :) no fancy nvidia graphics, just an old intel i810 – and I couldn’t bear to turn down the rendering quality of games, but neverball with its shiny 3d-ness runs quite happily :)

I expect it’d have a bit more trouble with big games like NWN, but still, I’m quite impressed at how much it does – I never expected *any* 3d game to be playable on such a tiny machine :)

so, perhaps intel graphics would be sufficient for my next desktop, too…

{August 7, 2006}   urrrg

ok, time to bring my mind back to some sort of reality. it’s 8pm on monday. there’s nothing I really *need* to do, although I should look at the email mum sent me. I should boot up my laptop, too, and see how far I got installing stuff on that. I should also clean up the kitchen :( and I guess eating would be a good idea…

soc project needs to be thought about – I need to test icq+gaim – if that works (because of their retarded aim-protocol usage) then I might as well do the same thing and figure out the icq stuff after soc. if it doesn’t work then I have to decide whether to leave out icq support and wrap up, or try to reverse-engineer it this week (I’m doubting that’d be feasible, my brain’s likely to burn out).

as for other stuff, I wanna do things but I think I should wait until soc’s dealt with, since there’s less than 2 weeks left. I can still rant, though… there’s a new rant on my laptop I need to post, and it left me with some unfinished thoughts about surfaces and chems that I really should try to sort out.

then there’s the evil school stuff – tuesday I should look over stuff, nag people and ask any questions I have.

for now, I should just clean the kitchen and get a decent meal. by then I’ll probably be ready for sleep anyways.

{August 7, 2006}   Hello World

well, I guess this is my first post. :)
I’m not expecting to use this much before SoC ends – in case you didn’t know :)

aha, deleting and recreating the post fixed the timestamp.

et cetera