ok, so I have kde4 stuff set up again. I got kopete to run, and sometimes I can even log into aim without it freezing. ah, the joy of working with pre-alpha software :/

well, at least I can have a conversation and see what’s being typed… that’s a nice thing. the chatwindow seems to be one of the most common points of breakage.

now… I… don’t really know what to do. :)
I guess I should go look over my old code and figure out what I was doing with it, and what still needs to be done… and what’s broken while I was busy…
it’s kinda hard to get back into things after not coding for months. especially when most of what was left of the filetransfer stuff was evil little things like the icq protocol not actually working as documented. and every version of the official aim client reacting slightly differently.

{December 19, 2006}   Kubuntu upgrade

well, today I decided it was finally time to upgrade to edgy. I had a full backup of my entire partition, plus extra backups of the more important stuff… I ran the dist-upgrade and it kinda mostly went okay. :) there were various odd things, like it choking on koffice-libs but not having any problem on the second try, and there was a lot of stuff it held back for no apparent reason, but even so, nothing broke too badly – just kdm and knetworkmanager refusing to work until I’d got all hte packages properly upgraded and kubuntu-desktop reinstalled.

it seems to have done some odd things to fonts, which I haven’t worked out yet… there’s some new second battery monitor that seems shiny but way too dumbed-down… things are generally shinier. and a few things started working better. I wanna see what else has changed… but right now there are things slightly more important than playing with the shiny new software :)

{December 15, 2006}   what a day

feels like the day should be over, but it’s only 2:30…

so, I had trouble getting to sleep last night, about as much as usual. I figure I fell asleep somewhere between 12:30 and 1:30am. then at 3:30, the storm woke me. first there was just a blip from the UPS as the power flickered, but a few minutes later it went out and stayed out. so after about 5 minutes without power, I figure it’s time to shut down the comps and turn off the UPS so that it stops its darn beeping. between that and the wind literally howling outside my window, I was too awake then to get back to sleep until maybe 5am. my alarm clock went off at 5:30am, because last exam I didn’t wake up until an hour after the alarm went off. I had planned to leave at 7:10 even when I’d expected normal weather; I do *not* want to be late for a final exam.

so, at 5:30 I was wondering if SFU was even open… the radio alarm, which I hadn’t expected to work on battery alone, was reporting power outages and trees down all over the place, including gaglardi – meaning no buses to SFU. I started wondering who I could call for a ride, or if I might have to walk up the mountain. at some point I hooked up the UPS to hte modem and used my laptop to check stuff online; the SFU page said everything was fine, and translink at first had nothing and then said the same as the radio – no buses to SFU. I found phone numbers for each of them and shut down the laptop; the SFU number continued to say that uni was open and buses were running, while translink had only the automated idiot-bot until 6:30, then was so overloaded I couldn’t get through at all.

I figured the only way to know which was right was to walk to the bus stop and see for myself – the first bus being at 7:05. so I gathered up my stuff and headed out. all the traffic lights were dead; 4-way stops make crossing the street a little scary. I was almost at the bus stop when I saw the bus whiz by. annoying, but at least it was running :) and I did have plenty of time. next bus was supposed to be at 7:25, but by then there was a traffic jam… still, it wasn’t so bad. got to SFU at 7:50, and the journey usually takes about 10 minutes. there were a bunch of trees down in front of the ASB, and while I was finding a way around the area it started to hail! crazy, crazy weather. it was snowing very prettily about 20 minutes after that.

so, I had a fair amount of time to relax before my 8:30 exam.. which didn’t actually start ’till 8:50. this was partially because the storm had made so many people late, and partially because the teacher was doing a 2-hour exam in the 3-hour timeslot. turned out to be quite an easy exam, too – it only took me about an hour :)

so now I’m done all my exams! yay! :) …although by the time I got home, internet was out as well as power. and I didn’t have any food. I went out to look for places to buy food.. and didn’t find much. burquitlam had no power, except for one pizza place I don’t like that took only cash for orders under $12. lougheed mall was closed too. luckily my bank was one of the few buildings with power, so I was able to get cash, and found some odd little place serving breakfast food. slow, but not bad.

then when I got home again, I had power and internet. :) whee!
I think I’ll go collapse now.

{December 15, 2006}   odd

I just noticed that my blog was off by an hour. does wordpress not adjust for daylight savings? o.0

{December 9, 2006}   tiiired

somehow survived exams today :) alarm went off at 5:30am, woke up at 6:23am and ran out at 6:35; missed the bus I’d wanted but still had time to walk to the skytrain and get to the 145 before the crowds. god do we ever need more buses.
saturday exams are cruel. especially at 8:30am. but I think I did fairly well on phys, and didn’t do too awfully on asc. and I got the mark for my asc term paper – 84% :)

now I’d like to collapse but there’s still too much sugar in my bloodstream. I think I need to replace it with alcohol :)

just one exam left… and I have a few days to relax before I start thinking about it.

tomorrow I need to start thinking about getting back into KDE n’stuff.

{December 5, 2006}   Exam time

ahh, it feels nice to sleep in on a tuesday morning. :) and for once I wasn’t dreaming of running around school trying to get homework done – instead I was dreaming that people wouldn’t let me get any sleep :P
I guess I have to start studying for my exams now. I have one on thursday, *two* on saturday (cruel! so cruel!) and the last exam on the friday after that.
oh, and we won the court case against the failed former directors. yay :) now hopefully they’re smart enough to listen to the court and let us get on with elections…

oh yeah, and Titus has gathered some info on election candidates. yay :)

et cetera