{June 9, 2007}   lvm, and chinese pizza hut

whee. I switched to lvm. it, um, worked. the first time. I’m scared now ;)
I spent a lot of time making sure I was doing it right, though. wrote down all the steps I thought I needed to do, went over them all really slowly… I never found anyone who could tell me whether it was safe to put my swap partition in lvm, or whether kubuntu needed any special stuff set to make lvm work, but I went ahead anyways and everything just magically worked. the only thing outside lvm now is my boot partition.
so now I can actualy make use of my free space, and try out some other distros :) whee!

yesterday was pretty nice in general, too. slept in in the morning, had lunch, went out with the class to this tourist attraction… we rode on boats from one little island to another. they had lots of plants and birds, but they also had lots of tourists, and almost as many people selling stuff. at one point I found a nice quiet corner that reminded me of how much I love the sound of water on rocks… but later on it got way too hot.
luckily it wasn’t long before everyone decided to get food. I was a little uncertain about going to pizza hut in china, but it turned out quite well. they had nice cold drinks (which each cost more than I normally pay for a meal these days) and the pizza was.. interesting. not like normal pizza. but good. smoked salmon makes everything good. :) and then we went to dairy queen… mmm, so delicious. we were going to go to some underground market after that, but when we realised it involved taking a bus who-knows-where, me and pete decided to just head home. didn’t really want to spend the whole evening out. I think I spent the evening killing time online instead, until I finally got started on the lvm stuff :)

now maybe I should go back to kde4 stuff… or look at doing some chinese-practice stuff… or try out a new distro…
or waste more time reading blogs :)

et cetera